Bad Mattresses: What Customers Do

What do your RV Customers do when they buy expensive RV’s from you, which come with bad mattresses?

They talk about it.

They social share it on the Internet.

And they may talk poorly about your dealership.

They may even make videos and upload them to YouTube.

Here’s what the customer posted as comments on this video:

Uploaded on Jun 8, 2011
Here is a new mattress from {Name removed}. We replaced this in a $32,000 RV and this is the piece of junk that was included in the bedroom.

We live in a social age.

This is a time in history when every customer can be your best advocate, or an absolute nightmare for your marketing budget.

The moral of the story?

Selling junk to your customers was never okay, but gone are the days when it was possible to get away with duping a customer with inferior quality and expecting it not to affect your business.

Here at MobileSleep, we advocate and practice

  • high quality
  • excellent customer service
  • amazing prices for our dealers

This allows you, as the dealer, to

  1. Sell amazing products to your customers
  2. Earn excellent margins while doing so

Contact us today to learn how to become a MobileSleepComponents dealer.

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