When you become a dealer, we’ll send you a price list with suggested retail prices and your dealer prices. Your pricing will include shipping already factored in. If you sell at MSRP prices, you can earn between $80-$250, depending on model and size. Some Mobile Sleep Components dealers charge more though, since these mattresses are comparable to much more expensive mattresses sold in retail stores.

Distributors can be great because they can get products to you quickly. But there’s a cost involved in compensating the distributor. By being factory direct, we ensure that we can charge the lowest (when comparing the same quality product) while maintaining the highest quality (because RV mattresses are what we really know), and getting mattresses to you quickly

Normal production time is 3-4 business days, and shipping is an additional 3-5 business days. We do stock some standard sizes and in emergency situations, can get mattresses shipped to you more quickly. Mattresses are shipped via FedEx and are shipped compressed and rolled. We email you a tracking number after the mattress ships to be sure you can follow it as it’s making it’s way to you.
Yes, we can! Just specify your customer’s name and address at the time of the order. We can even ship to any FedEx/Kinko’s anywhere in the 48 contiguous states.
Yes we do! From Airstream rounded corners to Class C cut corners to more custom items like round beds (and even heart shaped beds if you want).
There is no start-up cost. We do recommend that you purchase a $349 display (mattress samples are included) to be sure your customers can see/feel what’s available. But that’s not required in order to get started.
Nope. You sell mattresses (as many or as few as you can), input the orders on our website, and we send them to you or your customers. We have many ways to help you sell more mattresses in simple ways, so that you earn higher margins. Just get in touch with us to learn some unique ways to earn great margins while delivering your customers a better night’s sleep.
We don’t play games with shipping or prices. The pricing we quote you includes shipping, so that you’ll know your total cost right away, without worrying how much it’s going to cost to have something shipped to you.

In most cases we ship your display within 24 hours of your becoming a dealer. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but we find that most dealers have their displays set up within 2 weeks from the time they become a dealer. We even have a short 3 minute video to show you how to set up your display (set up takes 20 minutes or less).

One of the things people love most about working with MobileSleepComponents is our compact floor display. At just 68.5”Height x 24”Wide x 14” Deep, it’s an easy, compact way to show potential customers the mattress you offer. Some dealers have full size mattresses for customers to lay on, but if your space is limited, our floor display and simple customer video makes it easy to show what you have in even a very small space. If the full display rack still seems too big, be sure to chat with us about sending you individual small mattress samples without the display rack.

Great question! Many of our competitors offer inferior quality products, so it’s hard to offer a side-by-side apples-to-apples comparison. However, when we compare pricing, we almost always find that we cost less for a higher quality spec product.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered by this FAQ, please contact us.

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